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Body Vulnerability™ refers to any person experiencing shame, fear, illness (mental or physical), trauma, discrimination, pain or disconnect from their bodies. It may also refer to people who are vulnerable to a society's boundaries and expectation of perfectionism of what bodies and/or health should look like.

Many people living in Body Vulnerability™ struggle with getting the services or support that they need to succeed and thrive. This is a social justice issue that is preventing people from accessing basic human rights and is contributing to mental, physical and emotional harm.

Body Vulnerability™ exists as an educational tool, ally and support for those who may define themselves as body vulnerable or who work in the field of somatics. Body Vulnerability™ may also refer to the practice of showing up authentically and fully in one's body. We have created workshops, intensives and retreats to help individuals and professionals create space for vulnerability.

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Want to get involved? Body Vulnerability™ offers workshops, series, manuals and talks to get bring body connection and healing.

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